Theodosius's Walls

Episode 163
The Fall of the West [AD 395-476]
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Following the death of Eudoxia, the Praetorian Prefect Anthemius took control of the Eastern Empire and ran it wisely for the next decade. Meanwhile in the West, anti-barbarian policies will lead to the invasion of Italy by Alaric.

Here are Mrs. The History of Rome’s pictures from The History of Rome Tour May 2010 (

The poor foot-soldier’s view as he approaches the wall. In front is the outer 8 meter wall. Behind it is the inner 12 meter wall and the 20 meter guard towers. This isn’t going to work is it?:


The no man’s land between the two walls. This is where that poor soldier is going to die:


Looking down from atop the Inner wall into the no man’s land and the outer wall. This is where the guy who killed that poor foot soldier stood:  


And it just goes on like that from the Sea of Marmara to the Golden Horn. Um General, I don’t want to attack Constantinople. I want to go home:

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The line on the far left is the Theodosian Walls: