I published the first episode of The History of Rome podcast on July 27, 2007 and then released episodes weekly for the next five years. I published 189th and final episode on May 6, 2012. Though the show is now complete, The History of Rome remains one of the most popular and influential history podcasts in the history of history podcasting. Here you will find the complete archives of the show as well as links and information about my current projects. When you are done with The History of Rome, come join us for my current series, Revolutions, which explores the great political revolutions of the Modern Age and has been ongoing since 2013.


The Kingdom [753-509 BC]

1 In the Beginning
2 Youthful Indiscretions
3a The Seven Kings of Rome
3b The Seven Kings of Rome

The Early Republic [509-290 BC]

4 The Public Thing
5 Trials and Tribunlations
6 The Twelve Tables
7 The Roman Washington
8 Decades of Gloom
9 A Trojan War
10 Barbarians at the Gate
11 The Morning After
12 The First Samnite War
13 The Latin War
14a A Phalanx With Joints
14b A Phalanx With Joints
15a The Second Samnite War
15b The Second Samnite War
16 The Third Samnite War

The Middle Republic [290-146 BC]

17 Pyrrhic Victories
18 A History of Rome Christmas
19 Prelude to the First Punic War
20a The First Punic War
20b The First Punic War
21 Interbellum
22 Prelude to the Second Punic War
23a The War With Hannibal
23b The War With Hannibal
23c The War With Hannibal
23d The War With Hannibal
23e The War With Hannibal
24 The Second Macedonian War
25 The Syrian War
26 The Third Macedonian War
27 Mopping Up

The Storm Before The Storm [146-78 BC]

28 Taking Stock
29 Tiberius Gracchus
30 Gaius Gracchus
31a Marius
31b Marius
32 The Social War
33 Marius and Sulla
34 No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy

The Fall of the Republic [78-30 BC]

35 Crassus and Pompey
36 I Am Spartacus!
37 Go East Young Man
38 The Catiline Conspiracy
39 The Young Julius Caesar Chronicles: The History of Rome
40 In the Consulship of Julius and Caesar
41a The Gallic Wars
41b The Gallic Wars
42 Meanwhile, Back in Rome
43 Insert Well Known Idiom Here
44 Caesar Triumphant: The History of Rome
45 The End Of The War
46 Sic Semper Tyrannis: The History of Rome
47 Octavius-Octavian: The History of Rome
48 The Second Triumvirate
49 Apollo and Dionysus: The History of Rome
50 The Donations of Alexandria: The History of Rome
51 Actium: The History of Rome

The Julio-Claudian Dynasty [30 BC-AD 68]

52 Caesar Augustus: The History of Rome
53 Reigning Supreme: The History of Rome
54 All in the Family: The History of Rome
55 Teutoburg Nightmares: The History of Rome
56 The King is Dead, Long Live the King
57 Germanicus: The History of Rome
58 Partner of my Labors: The History of Rome
59 To the Tiber with Tiberius: The History of Rome
60 No Better Slave, No Worse Master: The History of Rome
61 What, me Claudius?
62 Take My Wife...Please: The History of Rome
63 A Farewell to Claudius
64 Smite My Womb: The History of Rome
65 Burn it to the Ground: The History of Rome
66 666: The History of Rome
67 What an Artist the World is Losing: The History of Rome

The Year of the Four Emperors [AD 69]

68 Three Emperors: The History of Rome
69 A History of Rome Wedding
70 Galba and Otho
71 Otho and Vitellius
72 Vitellius and Vespasian

The Flavians [AD 69-96]

73 The Only Man Who Improved
74 Friends, I Have Wasted a Day
75 The Forgotten Son
76 Mock Triumphs
77 What Time is It?

The Imperial Golden Age [AD 96-192]

78 Imperial Stop Gap
79 The Dacian Wars
80 Optimus Trajan
81 The Greekling
82 Hadrian's Walls
83 May His Bones Be Crushed
84 Longing For Death
85 Antoninus the Dutiful
86 Wealth and Class
87 Thinking and Feeling
88 A Day in the Life
89 Provincial Matters
90 The Hundredth Episode
91 Marcus and Lucius and the Parthians
92 The Parthian War
93 The Marcomannic Wars
94 Revolt and Meditations
95 The Beginning of the End
96 The Most Aptly Named Emperor
97 The Fall of Hercules

The Severan Dynasty [AD 192-235]

98 Purchasing Power
99 What Evil Have I Done?
100 Black and White and Severus All Over
101 And All Was of Little Value
102 The Common Enemy of Mankind
103 The Equestrian
104 Here Comes the Sun
105 The Last Princeps

The Crisis of the Third Century [AD 235-284]

106 Barbarian at the Gate
107 The Year of the Six Emperors
108 Gordian's Knot
109 The New Millenium
110 A Gothic Horror
111 Phase One Complete
112 Captured Alive
113 Three Empires
114 The Nadir of Our Fortunes
115 Phase Two Complete
116 Here Come the Illyrians
117 Aurelian's Walls
118 The Palmyrene Wars
119 Restitutor Orbis
120 Interregnum
121 Phase Three Complete

The Tetrarchy [284-324]

122 Jupiter and Hercules
123 The Tetrarchy
124 The Tetrarchs at War
125 The Best Defence is a Good Defence
126 All The King's Men
127 Commanding The Economy
128 The Great Persecuction
129 Abdication
130 Lost in Transition
131 The New Game in Town
132 In This Sign
133 The Milvian Bridge
134 And Then There Were Two
135 Brothers in Name Only
136 Let this Be Our Final Battle

The Constantinian Dynasty [AD 324-364]

137 The Christian Emperor
138 The New Rome
139 Wash Away Your Sins
140 My Three Sons
141 Blood and Water
142 You've Earned It
143 Julian the Pre-Apostate
144 The Road to Constantinople
145 Julian the Apostate
146 The Spear of Destiny
147 Capitulation

The Valentinian Dynasty [AD 364-395]

148 The Cousin's Cousin
149 The Great Conspiracy
150 The Perils of Mismanagement
151 Bursting a Blood Vessel
152 The Storm Before the Storm
153 Adrianople
154 The Gothic War
155 The New Bishop of Milan
156 Jockeying for Position
157 Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass
158 An Imperial Suicide
159 The Divine Winds

The Fall of the West [AD 395-476]

160 East vs. West
161 The Swamps of Ravenna
162 Opening the Floodgates
163 Theodosius's Walls
164 The Sack of Rome
165 Reviving the Roman Name
166 As Long As She's Nice To Look At
167 Exploiting the Opportunity
168 The Rise of Aetius
169 Huns and Vandals and Goths, Oh My
170 Atilla Cometh
171 The Gathering Storm
172 Showdown
173 The Broken Bow
174 The Sack of Rome Part II
175 Trying to Take It All Back
176 The Quote Unquote Emperor
177 The Burning Ships
178 Not With A Bang But A Whimper
179 The End